Summer Truffle Salt by Tentazioni

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Tentazioni blends sea salt and small breakings of summer truffle for this earthy and exotic seasoning that can be added to dishes at the end of preparation. Summer Truffle Salt can be sprinkled over broiled or baked meats, fish or vegetables. It can be added to scrambled egg dishes, creamy mashed potatoes, risotto or pasta. For a unique flavor dimension, use with flatbreads or popcorn.Produced in Italy’s unspoiled Marche region, T&C Tentazioni truffle condiments are concentrated and intense. A little goes a long way towards prized truffle aroma and flavor. This truffle expert offers you the privilege of experiencing the unmistakable and intoxicating: from whole truffle, pre-sliced, to marvelous sauces, creams and oils, ready for you to enjoy at any time. Relax and enjoy this tuber that has graced the table of famed emperors.Each jar contains 3.5 oz (100 gr) of Summer Truffle Salt by T&C Tentazioni.

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