Oxford Porcelain Ramekin- Assorted Colors- Set of 6- 3.5 Oz Each

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Set of 6 Colorful round ramekin porcelain dishes (Orange, Yellow, Red, Black, Brown and Green)- Each with 3.5 oz capacity

Item Description:

Designed through a pure white porcelain china body and hand painted with colorful tones, Oxford’s ramekins are perfect for baking custards and souffles or serving condiments and spreads with great fun style. Use to stage your premeasured ingredients or set a lovely bright table setting among friends and family. Established in 1954 Oxford Porcelains is the largest porcelain manufacturer and ceramic tableware in America. We believe that being part of the marketplace requires practices focused on product quality through social responsibility environmental friendly practices. We currently export to over 90 countries worldwide and all production is done in our facilities in Brazil.

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