Drizom Non-Drip Glass Oil & Vinegar Container And Dispenser Bottle With Automatic Cap & Stainless Steel Nozzle, Leakproof, Automatic Stopper, Precise-Pour Spout, And Non-Slip Handle ,21oz (BLACK)

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Item ASIN: B0798HQN7F
Top Feature :
EASY CONTROL & PRECIS POURING : Automatic cap with stainless steel nozzle allows to easily and precisely pour essential kitchen liquids such as oil, olive oil, soy sauce, syrup, vinegar, milk and coffee

Item Description:

The traditional oil container may encounter several issues such that it might be difficult to control how much oil poured from the canister for cooking, even the oil drip or leak from the spout after use. As in fact that the kitchen would be messy and may need to spend time on cleaning. Fortunately, this Drizom liquid dispenser provides the perfect solution on above problems. This revolutionized liquid dispenser is innovatively designed with both automatic stopper and flute-style nozzle features, providing a precise pour spout, and preventing liquid dripping or spilling. The oil dispenser is made of sturdy glass with an airtight gasket lid that would allow the liquids to be stored flesh for longer. Additionally, it can be easily cleaned using kitchen towel and dishwashing liquid. Its delicate pear shape fits perfectly with any kitchen décor, and this specially designed liquid dispenser is worth buying to keep the dinner table elegant. However, it should be noticed that the high viscosity fluids, such as honey, are better not to be dispensed through this liquid dispenser. Furthermore, should you never pour the boiled liquids to the container directly unless they are cool down. Product Specifications: Color: Blue Design:Automatic stopper cap, a flute-style stainless steel nozzle, pear shape bottle Materials: Glass, Stainless Steel, PP, Silica Gel Capacity: 21 oz/620 ml Warranty: 2 Years warranty guaranteed for our Oil Dispenser

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