Decorative Glass Serving Bowls, Fruit & Ice Cream Bowls G194M Red Large 12 in. Daisy Chip & Dip Bowl

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Textured Glass

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Unique decorative daisy shaped tabletop glass bowl is a perfect piece for serving candy, nuts, dip or displaying potpourri. This serving bowl with its own metal stand is lightweight, economical and uniquely designed. Placed on anything from a kitchen island to a catering table, this design will provide both function and visual appeal to your home decor. Available colors: Clear, Lime, Red, Fuchsia, Orange and Aqua. Glass Bowls Are Not Dishwasher Safe. Hand Wash in Warm Water. DO NOT SOAK In HOT WATER. We will replace damaged items within 30 days. Buyer will need to pay postage and handling fee if non-damaged items are returned within 30 days from date of purchase. Email us via Amazon so that we can quickly help resolve issues that you may have.

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