Auzoud Oil Cured Black Olives, Pitted, Supports North African Women Farmers, 100% Natural, Hand-Picked, 4.4 lb.

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ALL NATURAL: From naturally grown picholine olive trees in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains

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Produced from naturally grown olive trees in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, Auzoud’s olives and olive oil are sourced from a small farmers’ cooperative that guarantees fair wages and sustainable harvesting practices. After watching his grandfather and other farming families struggle to bring their goods to market for a fair price, Auzoud owner Mejid Beraouz co-founded the cooperative to support better economic and social conditions for agricultural workers in his homeland. The cooperative seeks to unify and empower local farmers as they obtain fair prices for their olives and a more sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families. There are currently over a hundred cooperative members with many more farmers seeking to participate in the next harvest. One of the cooperative’s goals is to educate members about sustainable olive farming. To this end, Auzoud and cooperative members are working together to obtain organic certification for all current and new members.

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