Set of 2 Kitchen White Wall Shelf with Black Metal Section Railing Great For Spice Dressing Jar Display Organizer Storage Rack Each Shelf is 24 inch Buyer Receives 2 Shelves

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Top Feature :
STURDY, HIGH QUALITY material that will hold a vast number of spices, jars, salad dressing, vinegar and olive oil dispenser and much more

Item Description:

Each shelf measures 24″ L x 7″ W x 7″ H , buyer receives 2 shelves. White Shelf with two black metal railing creating two sections to separate your large bottles like your salad dressing and vinegar and olive oil dispenser and your assortment of small spice containers. Find your cooking essentials easily with this beautifully sleek spice and condiment display rack. Fill it up with your most used spices so that it is all in a convenient and easy to find place. Not only is this shelf a great solution for organizing your spices and saving counter space, it also looks great in any kitchen with its clean lines and modern design. On top of being able to hold your assortment of spices, it can also hold your favorite cook books so there is no hassle when trying to find that perfect recipe to cook. With the two black metal railing, your spices, jars, and kitchenware are safe and secure from falling out yet easily accessible. Click “Add to Cart” to buy now! Show off your great assortment of spices in this fast and easy to install shelf. The shelf comes fully assembled (no assembly needed). Wall anchors and screws are included for fast and easy mounting.

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