Pitted Taggiasche Olives in Olive Oil by Ascheri 1960 (6.3 ounce)

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Small black olives from Liguria.

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Based in Chiusanico, in western Liguria, Italy, Ranise specializes in olive oils, olives (particularly the Taggiasca olive variety which only grows in this area), and other culinary specialties obtained from natural raw ingredients and free of colorings or preservatives. Ranise has named their exclusive line of products Ascheri 1960.The sweet flavor of theses Taggiasca olives make them perfect for snacking. These petite olives range in colors from brown to green to reddish and DO NOT contain the pit. The buttery Ligurian extra virgin olive oil contains salt, rosemary, thyme and bay leaf. Firm and tasty, these are the perfect olives for rice or pasta salads or mixed salad recipes. They will give a special flavor to sauces, meats and fish. Dress with chopped herbs and EVOO and serve with appetizers.

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