Fiesta 6-3/4-Ounce Bouillon, White

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Made in the USA

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Fiesta 6-3/4-Ounce Bouillon manufactured by The Homer Laughlin China Company. America’s largest domestic producer of dinnerware, and the sole manufacturer of all Fiesta dinnerware. All Fiesta pieces are Microwave safe, Oven-proof, Dishwasher safe, Freezerproof, Lead-Free, and Made in America with the implementation of many green practices. The very durable glaze is great for everyday use. Fiesta as a pattern has stood the test of time, and is typically passed down from one generation to the next. We have kept the pattern constant through the years so that you can count on us to be here when you decide to expand or change your collection. New pieces and colors are added every so often to keep things interesting. Currently, Fiesta is the most collected dinnerware in America.

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