Elki’s Gourmet Basil Pesto Kalamata Olive and Feta Crostini Spread, 10 Ounce

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This festival of flavors includes kalamata olives, flame roasted red peppers, feta, sun ripened tomatoes, a hint of dijon mustard and herbs

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Elki’s new crostini spreads are unique, all natural and made with only the highest quality ingredients. Try using these crostini spreads in a variety of different ways. Caramelized sweet onion and balsamic over brie cheese, yum. Basil pesto, black olive and feta on a grilled panini with tomato and prosciutto, delicious. Kalamata olive and feta over crusty French bread, artisan cheeses and fresh basil, tasty. Sun dried tomato and parmesan added to your favorite hot artichoke dip, wonderful. And of course, all of these would be fantastic as a topping to Elki’s own water crackers.

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