2017 GOLD Medal Winner PJ KABOS 16.9Floz Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 100% FRESH olive oil born in Ancient Olympia vicinity | Greece | KORONEIKI Variety | 16.9Floz tin

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This is our 2016/17 harvest for you to enjoy a small taste of Greece in your kitchen! 2017 GOLD Medal Winner at the New York International Olive Oil Competition! The samples sent to the competition are these exact batches with LOT#11/12-16 and 11-12-16

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2014,15,16 and 2017 multiple award winning label ‘PJ KABOS’ Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from hand-picked Koroneiki variety olives and single COLD extracted within 1 to 12 hours after the olive harvest. The groves are located in the western Peloponnese region of Greece, close to the site of ANCIENT OLYMPIA! This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for all daily cooking needs. This includes frying: Because of the outstanding chemical qualities our EVOO has, this ensures a higher smoke point and enhances the taste and health properties of any food cooked with it. And again due to its premium quality it is very special poured directly over salads and for use in dressings. A-must ingredient for that authentic, traditional Greek salad! Throughout the year we regularly make chemical and tasting tests in order to be 100% truthful with what we are providing you, since true Extra Virgin Olive Oil is alive and changes over time. This is supported by our ‘ACTIVE PRICING’ policy, or in other words ‘honesty is the best policy’, a motto that we try to follow in business as in our everyday lives! Our recent 2016/17 harvest was a challenging one due to weather conditions experienced in ours and the surrounding area that unfortunately reduced the available quantities of our product. This, alongside the reinforced packaging applied to achieve transport durability of our 16.9Floz tins, are the reasons for the increased price compared to last season. Tasting characteristics: “Aromas of green fruit, green grass, artichoke and notes of herbs. Taste exhibits abundant fruitiness, green grass, some sweetness, medium bitterness and pungency with notes of almonds, in an exceptional harmony, with high persistence and complexity”. We look forward to you trying it and do believe that you will greatly enjoy PJ KABOS 2016/17 harvest!

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