100% Organic USDA Certified Orthodox Whole Loose Leaf Natural Handmade Assam Green Tea: Single Blend, FTGFOP1 Grade, Fair Trade, Rich in Antioxidants ( 45 Cups, 3.53oz ) in Tin Jar- Farm to Cup

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Appearance- Uneven, well-rolled black leaves with some olive green and brown flakes | Aroma- Pleasant with hints of burnt sugar and wood | Taste- Taste of cooked veggies dominates the cup

Item Description:

This beautiful green tea is made of whole leaves from the finest gardens of Assam. A very bold and refreshing taste provides for a good detox. Best consumed without condiments, this green tea is a must to start your day.How to make? Steep 1tsp/2.3g of Tea in 180ml Water of 90 – 95 Degrees Celsius, for 2 Minutes.

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